Top Benefits of Converting to Propane in CT

If you’re a homeowner in or near Central Connecticut who is thinking about converting your home heating system to propane gas, you’re probably wondering what some of the benefits of making the switch to propane are, as well as what’s involved in an ideal propane conversion process. Dutch Oil & Propane is pleased to offer professional propane conversions at an affordable price to our friends and neighbors in our Central Connecticut service area. Keep reading this blog post to learn what should be top of mind when considering a conversion to propane!

The Biggest Reasons to Switch to Propane in CT

Propane is a multipurpose, eco-friendly, and local fuel that many families rely on for their home heating. It’s a unique fuel because it can be utilized for so many different applications around your home beyond keeping you warm in the winter. Here are just a few of the other everyday appliances that propane can power:

In addition to being able to power a wide variety of appliances, almost 90% of the propane used in the United States is produced right here, domestically. That means propane’s reliability is very high with minimal dependence on foreign suppliers. Lastly, propane is a clean-burning fuel that meets all clean air energy standards put forth by the Environmental Protection Agency.

Is It Worth Switching to Propane?

Yes! Since propane is more efficient than other fuels, it costs less. Propane appliances often tend to have a longer lifespan than their electric alternatives, which will also save you extra money in the future. There are also often credits, rebates, and incentives available for equipment that utilizes propane, such as high-efficiency propane furnaces or water heaters.

How Do You Convert to Propane?

The first step in converting to propane from another fuel source is to get in touch with your trusted propane and HVAC supplier, such as Dutch Oil & Propane. You will want to speak with an expert on the subject of propane installations and conversions. This is not a DIY job, please always consult with the professionals!

Why You Should Choose Dutch Oil & Propane for Your Propane Conversion

Dutch Oil & Propane is committed to providing Connecticut homes with prompt, reliable, and safe propane delivery at competitive prices. To that end, our team of experts is ready to help you make the switch to propane with as little stress as possible. We install and service all the top-quality makes and models of propane-fired heating equipment, as well as propane storage tanks. If you’re ready to schedule your propane conversion or if you have more questions about the benefits of propane, please contact us today!