Expert Propane Conversions & Gas Piping in Connecticut

Did you know that propane can power your daily CT routine? Propane is an efficient option for fueling your home heating needs during the cooler months, but the applications for propane gas are far more plentiful than just heating your indoor spaces. As one of the most reliable, safe, eco-friendly, and stable energy resources, propane is a versatile fuel source that can power nearly every aspect of your daily routine. From cooking, cleaning, outdoor recreation and more, the possibilities for propane are endless. That’s why Dutch Propane proudly offers propane conversions and gas piping to our customers, so you can enjoy all the benefits propane has to offer.


multi unit propane system


Top Benefits of Converting to Propane in Central CT

When you convert to a propane heating system, you’re making a choice to increase your home’s efficiency while reducing your carbon footprint. Here are the top three benefits that come with making the switch to propane:

Greener & Cleaner

As we just mentioned, propane has fewer greenhouse gas emissions than other energy sources. It’s a non-poisonous and non-toxic fuel that won’t contaminate soil or groundwater—keeping our planet greener and cleaner for generations to come.

Versatile & Efficient

Propane can do so much more than just warm homes! From cooktops to fireplaces, generators to pool heaters, dryers to outdoor space heaters, your choice of propane-powered appliances is nearly endless. Not only is it versatile, but it will also optimize your energy usage with its exceptional efficiency.

Cost-Effective & Abundant

Propane prices are more likely to stay affordable and predictable because North America produces enough propane to exceed domestic demands. You can’t get much more peace of mind than that!


Gas Piping Services for Your Shoreline CT Home

If you need gas piping installations or repairs in Connecticut, Dutch Propane is here to help! A problem with the gas line in your home is a serious matter that can lead to expensive repairs if left unchecked. While propane is a safe fuel, it can be dangerous to work with; this means that you need to have an expert who has the proper licenses and experience in dealing with gas piping repair and installation. Whether you’re dealing with a small leak or are looking to add another outlet for a new appliance, the experts at Dutch Propane are here to help.