Reliable Heating Oil Delivery in Central Connecticut

If you depend on heating oil to get you through the chilliest days in Middlesex and Tolland Counties, Dutch Oil is ready to bring you the fuel you need. We’re proud to provide our customers with high-quality, eco-friendly Bioheat® fuel, a low-carbon alternative to traditional heating oil. It requires no costly modifications because it works seamlessly in oil heating equipment. Plus, when you order your Bioheat® fuel from Dutch Oil, you can feel good about helping the environment and your wallet with our affordable pricing.



FAQs about Bioheat® Fuel

What is Bioheat® fuel?

A low-carbon heating fuel, Bioheat® fuel is a sustainable replacement for standard #2 heating oil. It works seamlessly in oil heating equipment, with no expensive modifications required.

Where does Bioheat® fuel come from?

Bioheat® fuel is produced from combining standard #2 heating oil with renewable and/or reusable resources like soybean by-product and used cooking oil. Produced domestically, it reduces our dependency on foreign oil, creates more jobs in the US and helps to support local business.

What are the benefits of using Bioheat® fuel?

The eco-friendly fuel does even more than lower greenhouse gas emissions to protect our environment; it can improve the operation of your heating system, too. This helps to extend the life of your equipment and reduce annual fuel costs. Plus, no expensive modifications to your current equipment are necessary.

Is Bioheat® fuel safe?

Just like standard home heating oil, Bioheat® fuel is a safe energy source for your home or business due to its nonexplosive nature, ability to produce visible warning signs in the case of a malfunction, and private storage capability. Today’s oil heat produces extremely low levels of emissions, which means it’s better for the environment. Bioheat® fuel is helping to set a new standard for heating oil, offering a sustainable fuel solution for the future.

How can I order Bioheat® fuel?

If you’re a resident or business owner in the Central CT area, click here to order a delivery! Heating oil providers across Connecticut have made the switch to delivering this alternative fuel as the standard energy source to provide a lower-carbon output for our great state and the people who live here.


Dutch oil delivery truck

treated oil filter vs. non treated oil filter

Did you know…

Our treated oil is enhanced with Q+5, saving you money on service and giving you more usable oil.

Simplify Your Life with Automatic Delivery

If you want to take the hassle out of heating your home or business and enroll in our automatic delivery program, we’re pleased to put you on a no-extra-cost automatic delivery schedule. We use degree day software to monitor the daily temperature and your fuel consumption, so you don’t have to worry about running out of heating oil at any point in the heating season. For your convenience and peace of mind, we schedule your oil delivery promptly so you can rest easy when it comes to having fuel in your tank and comfort throughout your home. Best of all, this service is available to all of our customers at no extra charge.