Dependable Propane Delivery in Central Connecticut

We at Dutch Propane are committed to providing homes in our Connecticut service area with prompt, reliable, and safe propane delivery at competitive prices. Propane is a multipurpose, clean-burning fuel that can be used inside your home and out; rely on the fuel source to heat your home and to fuel your outdoor grill, swimming pool, or outdoor fireplace in the summer. Reaching AFUE efficiency ratings of up to 98%, LP gas-fired heating systems are designed to reduce your energy costs and operation. We’re proud to have our own propane storage tanks on our property, a unique feature that helps make our propane delivery service even more dependable. Get in touch with us now to place your propane order!


dutch propane truck drone

Simplify Your Life with Automatic Delivery

We offer automatic propane delivery using our degree day advantage software program. We monitor the daily temperature and your fuel consumption, so you don’t have to worry about running out of propane during the cold season. We schedule your propane delivery promptly so you can rest easy when it comes to having fuel in your tank and comfort throughout your home. Enroll in auto delivery today and enjoy unmatched convenience.


Enjoy Further Convenience with Monitored Propane Delivery

With today’s new technologies, we are able to offer propane tank monitoring. The monitor is simply placed on your propane tank and set up to automatically report your level to the office. This allows auto delivery with some extra comfort, which is especially great if you are unsure what your consumption will be. To learn more about monitored propane delivery, contact us today.