Equipment Installations

Is your propane boiler or furnace in need of an upgrade? We at Dutch Oil & Propane carry a wide range of top-quality makes and models of propane-fired heating equipment and even propane tank installations.
Did you know that an updated propane heating system can be up to 40% more efficient than your current equipment? That can save you a full tank of fuel each year it runs at this efficiency!
Why is it important to upgrade your propane heating system?
  • Keep your family and your property safe
  • Reduce the risk of emergency repair
  • Newer equipment burns fuel more efficiently to save energy and related costs
Our office staff and service technicians will be happy to inform you about the quality products we supply and install as well as help determine which is the best fit for your home and family’s needs. Contact us today!

We supply, install, and service a wide variety of equipment including Raypak pool heaters, Bock water heaters, Rinnai water heaters, and State on demand water heaters, Veissmann, and Trane furnaces.

If you have an electric water heater, do you know how much you can save by switching to propane? Propane water heaters can heat water twice as fast as electric water heaters, resulting in significant energy savings year after year for your home. The average family of four saves between 30%-40% per year on the cost to generate hot water by switching from an electric water heater to a propane water heater.
Why switch from electric to a propane water heater?
  • Benefit from higher efficiency models with quicker recovery time for more available hot water.
  • Heating your home and water with the same source simplifies your energy bills and equipment maintenance schedule.
  • Trust that Dutch Oil & Propane is taking care of your complete heating needs!

Have any questions? Don't hesitate to call or message us!