Tank Installations

At Dutch Oil & Propane, our top priority is keeping your family and your property safe. This is why we offer full service when it comes to all things heating.

Your propane tank is an integral component of your complete heating system, and keeping it up to date is essential for your safety. Whether you are switching to propane fuel or your current propane fuel storage tank is due for an upgrade, we can help. We are licensed and qualified to install a variety of propane fuel tanks throughout our Connecticut service area, and our fully trained staff is experienced in choosing the correct sizing and capacity for your home.

Let Dutch Propane install promptly, professionally and always with your safety in mind!

Our service for propane tanks doesn’t end there; we offer tank monitoring to ensure you’ll never run out of propane. Ask us about our remote fuel monitoring service!

Have any questions? Don't hesitate to call or message us!