Propane Tank Installations: What You Need to Know

Looking to install a propane tank on your property in Central Connecticut? You’re in luck! Our propane experts at Dutch Oil & Propane are skilled at performing tank installations and replacements that are sure to satisfy your fueling needs. Every propane tank our expert technicians install is a carefully crafted, durable piece of equipment that will last you for years. Upon your request, our service team will properly size and recommend a propane storage tank perfectly suited to your home. Keep reading to learn exactly what you know before your propane tank installation service.

Getting a New Propane Tank Installed in Central CT

Propane tank installation is something that must be performed by licensed companies only, which is why you can rely on experienced providers like Dutch Oil & Propane to get the job done. Propane is easily stored, and we provide expert tank installations and connections. Depending on local ordinances, propane tanks may be located either above or underground due to the non-toxic nature of the product. These are important considerations when installing propane tanks.

  • The company and technicians are licensed
  • Correct sizing of the tank
  • Applying correct distance rules
  • Assuring compliance with permitting and construction regulations

Let us help you take the guesswork out of your propane tank installation service. Book a free consultation with one of our propane experts today.

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Propane Conversion & Replacement FAQs

Benefits of converting to propane

Interested in converting your home fuel source to propane? The professionals at Dutch Oil & Propane can help! When you switch to propane gas, you’ll have an energy solution for just about everything. Propane can power your:

Propane is a versatile fuel source that can power nearly every aspect of your daily routine. Get an estimate from Dutch Oil & Propane to begin your conversion now!

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When to replace your propane tank

New fuel storage systems provide more dependable heating and increased peace of mind. Need to replace your propane tank? If you have been noticing any pilot light issues, rust, corrosion, or more frequent refills, it may be time to consider installing a replacement propane tank with our equipment installation experts at Dutch Oil & Propane. Along with benefiting from higher efficiency, you’ll greatly reduce your risk of a propane leak or emergency when you upgrade your propane tank. Plus, the value of your property will increase with a brand-new propane storage tank, which will last for years and years.

Already have a tank? Get a propane tank swap!

If you haven’t been loving the service from your current propane company that you lease your tank from, you’re not out of options! Get in contact with the pros at Dutch Oil & Propane for a propane tank swap service. As your Central Connecticut fuel and service provider, you can count on our team to swap your tank while meeting your usage needs and energy goals.

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