Propane Tank Monitoring: What Is It & Why Is It Important?

Dutch Oil & Propane is proud to deliver clean-burning propane gas to our customers in the Central Connecticut area, but we’re raising the bar beyond our will-call and automatic propane delivery services with tank monitoring. Our team is pleased to offer propane tank monitors to help our customers keep track of their propane fuel usage and stay safe and warm throughout the seasons. Our propane tank monitors are a convenient way to let Dutch Oil & Propane monitor your propane tank level using wireless technology! Read this blog to learn what propane tank monitoring is and why it’s important that you request your tank monitor today.

Everything You Should Know About Propane Tank Monitors

How Does Propane Tank Monitoring Work?

Our tank monitoring system is a device that is installed onto your propane tank to monitor your fuel use all year long. From the frigid New England winters to pool heating season, our propane tank monitoring system helps monitor your tank’s fuel level and sends the reading through wireless technology to our office.

How Is a Tank Monitor Installed?

We connect the monitor’s battery, which can be easily replaced when needed, to a slot in your fuel gauge, and the monitor begins reading your tank. That’s it! Quick and easy fuel monitoring at its finest!

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What Are the Benefits of a Tank Monitor?

Knowing how much fuel you’re using is always a good idea. With a tank monitoring system from Dutch Oil & Propane, you’ll not only be able to see how much fuel you’re using, but you’ll reap these benefits as well:

  • Decrease your chance of running out of fuel
  • More efficient propane deliveries
  • Help identify any leaks or issues in your tank if consumptions spike

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Request Your Propane Tank Monitor from Dutch Oil & Propane Today

Dutch Oil & Propane has always strived to provide excellent customer service to our propane customers in Central CT. Now we’ve stepped up our game with automatic propane delivery powered by tank monitoring. No more stressing about your propane tank level—you can rest easy knowing our experts have got your back. To learn more about our Wi-Fi propane tank monitoring, ask questions, or request a tank monitor now, simply get in touch with us online. Our highly knowledgeable customer service representatives will be more than pleased to assist you.