Equipment Installations

Is your oil-fired boiler, furnace, or water heater running as efficiently as it should be? If your heating system is over 15 years old, upgrading to a new, high-efficiency heating system can help you save significantly on your fuel usage and heating bills this winter. We recommend high-efficiency products by top-quality brands like Buderus and Peerless so you are kept warm each winter.
Why upgrade your oil heating system?
  • -Save up to 30% on fuel costs!
  • -Ensure your equipment is safe and efficient
  • -Enjoy better home comfort without hassle
The expert technicians at Dutch Oil & Propane are experienced in installing all types of oil and propane heating systems that can help to conserve energy and related costs, promote greater comfort and security, and increase the value of your property. Contact our office to find out more about our line of energy-efficient oil heating products!

Your water heater operates daily to provide your home with hot water for everyday activities like showering and dishwashing; it’s important that this equipment is operating efficiently. Do you know the age and condition of your home’s water heater? If the equipment is over 10 years old, it could be time for an upgrade. Dutch can help determine the efficiency of your equipment!

Why upgrade your water heater?
  • Reduce year-round energy costs
  • Choose a new system that has a higher efficiency rating
  • Enjoy a more reliable, consistent hot water supply
Whether you’re scheduling routine water heater service or you’re interested in replacing your current water heater, give us a call to learn more about the options we at Dutch Oil & Propane offer!

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