Heating Oil Payment Plans

6-12-Month Budget Plan

Why pay for a whole year’s worth of fuel in just a few months each winter? Spread out your annual heating oil costs with our budget plan. Before the heating season begins, we calculate your monthly payments based on your average oil usage, which makes for much more manageable payments spaced throughout the year.

Pre-Pay Plan (Available seasonally)

Take advantage of our low preseason oil prices! This plan allows you to pay for your entire anticipated annual fuel amount before the heating season even begins. Fuel prices are often lowest during the offseason, which makes our Pre-Pay Plan ideal for customers who’d like to pay ahead and be worry-free about ordering oil during the winter.

Cap Protection

Choose a price cap for your oil orders this heating season. This level of protection means that no matter how high the market rate for oil is, the price per gallon you pay will never exceed your chosen limit. We’ll work with you to determine a price cap amount that you’re comfortable with and that works for your budget. All payment plans include automatic fuel delivery for even greater convenience. Contact our office to learn more or to enroll in one of these plans!

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