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Reliable Propane Delivery Services for Franklin, CT Homeowners

As the best-rated propane delivery company in Franklin, CT, Dutch Oil & Propane guarantees swift, trustworthy, and safe propane delivery in Franklin, CT. Our multipurpose and clean-burning propane are perfect for heating your home in Franklin, CT and fueling a variety of outdoor amenities, such as grills, fireplaces, and swimming pools. In search of added convenience? Tank monitoring is available for our Franklin, CT customers! Simply place the monitor on your propane tank, and it will automatically transmit your fuel level to our office. This ensures you receive your propane delivery at the right time. For more information about monitored propane delivery, reach out to us today.

Automatic Oil and Propane Delivery for Franklin, CT Homes

We value our Franklin, CT customers, so their convenience is of great importance to us. That’s why we offer complimentary automatic delivery. With automatic fuel delivery, we use an advanced monitoring system, accounting for temperature and fuel consumption. This data triggers timely deliveries from Dutch Oil & Propane, ensuring a consistently filled tank in your Franklin, CT home without the need for you to worry about when to place an order.

Gas Piping and Propane Conversions for Franklin, CT

Propane can power your daily life in Franklin, CT in so many ways! While functioning as an efficient home heating option in colder months, propane goes beyond to showcase its versatility in cooking, cleaning, outdoor activities, and more. Dutch Oil & Propane, recognized for providing reliable, safe, and eco-friendly energy, delivers expert services for propane conversions and gas piping in Franklin, CT. Shifting to a propane heating system not only amplifies efficiency but also reduces your carbon footprint, presenting a cleaner, greener energy source. Propane’s versatility, efficiency, and cost-effectiveness position it as the optimal choice for various appliances in your Franklin, CT home. Contact us today to gain a deeper understanding of the possibilities!

Experience Unmatched Heating Oil Delivery Services in Franklin, CT with Dutch Oil & Propane

When combating the coldest days in Franklin, CT, trust Dutch Oil & Propane for your heating oil needs. As the top customer choice in Franklin, CT and the best-rated family-owned and operated company in your area, we are dedicated to providing top-notch, environmentally friendly Bioheat® fuel—a low-carbon substitute for conventional heating oil. This eco-conscious choice effortlessly integrates into oil heating equipment without requiring expensive modifications, and it offers numerous advantages:

  • Enhances the efficiency of your heating system
  • Prolongs equipment life
  • Minimizes emissions
  • And more!

If you’re in need of dependable heating oil delivery in Franklin, CT, rely on Dutch Oil & Propane and our premium Bioheat® fuel. Join our family of customers today. We look forward to welcoming you to the Dutch Oil & Propane community!

Install a Ductless A/C Heat Pump in Franklin, CT and Enjoy Efficient Home Cooling

Enhance your home comfort in Franklin, CT by considering a ductless mini-split A/C from Dutch Oil & Propane. Whether you’re looking to cool your home during warmer months or require additional heat in colder weather, our solutions have you covered. Investing in a ductless A/C provides a multitude of benefits for Franklin, CT homes:

  • Serves as an extra heating source in winter
  • Allows for zoned cooling, granting control over energy consumption
  • Boasts a quick and straightforward installation process without the need for ductwork
  • Improves indoor air quality using state-of-the-art equipment
  • And more!

We are pleased to specialize in the Mitsubishi line of equipment, ensuring year-round comfort and energy efficiency for your ductless mini-split system needs.

Expert Heating Maintenance & Service in Franklin, CT

Combat the cold in your Franklin, CT home with Dutch Oil & Propane’s responsive heating service. Our team is dedicated to ensuring your comfort 24/7, whether it’s routine preventative maintenance or an emergency.

Professionals Installing Oil and Tanks in Franklin, CT from Dutch Oil & Propane

Safeguarding your family and Franklin, CT property is the primary focus at Dutch Oil & Propane. A well-maintained propane or heating oil tank plays a crucial role in ensuring a secure heating system. Whether you’re transitioning to oil or propane or updating an older tank, our licensed team is dedicated to covering your Franklin, CT home with expert installations. Our experienced staff, well-versed in sizing and capacity selection, guarantee the perfect fit for your tank. Each propane and oil tank installation we perform is designed for long-term durability, providing you with assurance for years to come. To secure safe and reliable heating for years to come, request a complimentary quote for a propane storage tank upgrade or oil tank replacement in your Franklin, CT home.

The Importance of Regular Maintenance for Your Heating Equipment in Franklin, CT

Considering a tune-up for your heating system in Franklin, CT? Despite its seemingly smooth operation, your oil or propane furnace or boiler requires an annual tune-up to function its best. Tasks during this service include changing air filters, cleaning vents, and checking for fuel line leaks. Investing in a tune-up brings numerous benefits: optimized energy efficiency, an improvement in indoor air quality, decreased midseason breakdown risks, lowered fuel and repair expenses, and an extended equipment lifespan.

Furnace, Boiler, and Water Heater Installations for your Franklin, CT Home

Specializing in the installation of energy-efficient oil and propane heating systems in Franklin, CT, Dutch Oil & Propane has a team of skilled technicians ready to recommend and install boilers, furnaces, and water heaters. They assist you in discovering the ideal equipment for your home and budget. For those with systems surpassing the two-decade mark, upgrading to a high-efficiency alternative can substantially slash fuel consumption and winter heating costs. Our commitment to optimizing your home comfort extends to providing special financing options for new installations. To explore these opportunities, reach out to us today and inquire about both special financing and a complimentary installation quote.

Breathe Easy with Duct Cleaning and Air Quality Solutions in Franklin, CT

Ensuring the well-being of our families is paramount. Explore our services, including duct cleaning, enhanced air filters, and purification choices for furnaces or boilers. We aim to elevate the indoor air quality in your Franklin, CT to the highest standards.

Stay Cool in Franklin, CT with A/C Service and Maintenance from Dutch Oil & Propane

To maintain year-round comfort in your Franklin, CT home, it’s crucial to attend to your cooling system, whether it’s central or ductless. At Dutch Oil & Propane, our certified technicians excel in tune-ups, ensuring peak efficiency and keeping you cool throughout the summer season. Act now and schedule your A/C maintenance today!

Why does my Franklin, CT A/C need regular maintenance?

Annual upkeep for your central or ductless A/C system in Franklin, CT is vital. Failure to do so can cause a variety of issues, such as:

  • Potential malfunctions
  • Increased energy costs
  • Reduced efficiency

Regular maintenance not only extends the lifespan of your system but also betters indoor air quality in your Franklin, CT home and preserves the manufacturer’s warranty. Ensure you don’t miss this crucial appointment; get in touch with Dutch Oil & Propane today to schedule your A/C maintenance before the warm season.

Heating Service Plans for your Franklin, CT Home

Ensure optimal protection and peace of mind for your Franklin, CT heating system by enrolling in a Dutch Oil & Propane service plan. Whether your home relies on oil or propane for heating, we offer a range of coverage options designed to safeguard your home, family, and budget throughout the winter season.

What Are the Benefits of Heating Service Plans?

  • Receive discounts on year-round service work
  • Benefit from 24/7 emergency service
  • Enjoy annual maintenance included
  • Cover dozens of parts 100% for repair or replacement
  • And more!

Protect yourself from unexpected heat-related costs with our comprehensive service plans. Whether you heat your home with oil or propane, we have a plan for you.

Install New Central Air for in Franklin, CT and Maximize Your Comfort

Trust Dutch Oil & Propane to assist you if you’re considering a new central air conditioning system for your Franklin, CT home or thinking about upgrading your old unit to a newer, high-efficiency model. When you choose Dutch Oil & Propane for your central air installation, you receive more than just installation services. Our team helps you select the ideal A/C system based on your property’s size and your budget, ensuring optimal summer comfort. Get in touch today to learn more about the energy-efficient brands we offer, such as Mitsubishi, Trane, and American Standard, and secure your installation for a summer of unparalleled comfort in Franklin, CT.

Discover the Benefits of a New Generator for your Franklin, CT Home

Ensuring the year-round safety of your Franklin, CT family is a top priority at Dutch Oil & Propane. Whether it’s dealing with hurricanes or navigating through stormy winters, our skilled team provides affordable and dependable generator installations, guaranteeing increased peace of mind and comfort. Secure the power supply to your Franklin, CT home today! Discover the advantages of our Kohler® generators, including a commercial-grade engine, activation in 10 seconds or less, and a 5-year, 2,000-hour protection warranty. Safeguard your power supply—get in touch with us today for a free generator installation quote!