Water Heater Maintenance and Installations

Maintaining all of your home’s heating equipment is essential for safety, efficiency, cost savings, and overall home comfort. Your oil-fired water heater is no exception!

If you are due for a water heater upgrade, look no further than Dutch Oil & Propane for complete installation service. Choose from a variety of quality, long-lasting makes and models that are sure to boost your home’s energy efficiency.

Do you have a newer water heater in your home? Protect your investment. Included in our service plans is an option for oil-fired water heater coverage. Whether you are a service plan customer or not, it’s important to have your water heater serviced regularly.

What’s included in the oil-fired water heater annual maintenance?

  • An annual tune-up including oil burner parts and controls as well as pressure and temperature relief valves
  • Preventive maintenance that will help your system run more efficiently
  • Greater peace of mind that your equipment is running properly

Contact our office to find out more about our line of energy-efficient oil and propane water heaters.

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